Yes, Lundy Lake Resort has re-opened under new ownership! 2023 was our inaugural, transitional first season and we look forward to seeing everyone back for a full season in 2024.

Great news, we have extended Lundy Lake Resort's operating season! Weather and snow plowing permitting, we are open May 15 - October 15

Reservations for Lundy Lake Resort open the first of the year (January 1) for that given calendar year. Example: Summer/Fall 2024 reservations become available January 1, 2024 at 12:01 a.m

Great news! Campsites are no longer solely "first come first serve". You can make your reservation for ANY site in advance; so rest assured knowing you get your favorite memorable spot, that iconic view, or those hookups you were counting on. That being said, if you arrive without reservations, we are happy to accommodate you in an unreserved campsite "first come first serve". Please check site availability with a staff and mind any posted signs prior to setting up camp.

Great news, you can now make your reservation online! Lundy Lake Resort reservation booking is completed on Campspot.com, a trusted name in campground booking nationwide. We understand that while exciting, this is new and you may have questions the first time you book. Should you have any questions as we transition into online booking as a community, please reach out to us directly and we would be happy to help you navigate the new process. Technical and Campspot account support can be found with Campspot at (616) 226-5500 or help@campspot.com.

Check out Campspot's FAQ Page. Technical and Campspot account support can be found with Campspot at (616) 226-5500 or help@campspot.com. If your question is specific to booking at Lundy, we are happy to help you too

Oh no! Don't worry, here are some easy mistakes that could be causing this:

  • Are you searching for dates before January 1? If so, please wait for the sites to become available to reserve on January 1. They will not be available to book online until that time.
  • (Cabins) Did you enter enough days to meet the night minimum for the season?
  • Did you put too many days in the date range? We only offer short-term stays up to 28 days at a time.
  • Did you apply too many filters? Remove all filters except the date range to be sure.
  • If your dates are slightly flexible, try adjusting your search by a day or two on the start/end dates. Maybe someone is checking out from your preferred spot close to your preferred start date, or checking in close to your preferred end date.

If none of the above is true, or if you need assistance determining when you can get a specific cabin/campsite during a general date range, please contact us and we will do our best to help you book your stay.

Campsites do not have any minimum stay. Cabins do have minimum night requirements (different for Summer and Fall). You can view minimum night requirements in our Terms of Service in the "RESERVATION REQUIREMENTS, CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS" section. On occasion, shorter stays are available at manager discretion if available. Contact us directly if interested, as these require admin approval and cannot be booked online independently. Unfortunately, no, we do not have the ability to accommodate any single (1) night stays in cabins.

Please email us with the specific changes you are requesting (ex: request to extend a trip, switch spots, add the number of people/pets/cars) and we will email you back with an updated reservation summary/invoice

Yes! We rent fishing boats with outboard motors for half or full day use. TIP: You can reserve a boat in advance for your trip as an "add on" when reserving your cabin/campsite on Campspot.

Fish-on, absolutely! We are a quiet no-wake fishing lake perfect for small fishing boats, kayaks, tubes,  SUPs and canoes. Please note you will need to be prepared to land your boat on shore; the dock is private and reserved for LLR rental boats. If you have a boat trailer, you will need to keep that at your campsite or cabin parking space, as the boat launch is for active launching and boat launch parking area is lmiited to day use, especially when the lake is high and there is limited space. Thank you

When you reserve online, you will be asked to enter your credit (or debit) card to complete your transaction. Return/longtime guests that wish to pay via Zelle, Venmo, or Check may contact us directly for assistance. All reservations require full payment/deposit up front at the time of reservation.

While Lundy Lake Resort DOES have a campground, Lundy Lake Resort (LLR) is NOT the same thing as Lundy Canyon Campground, which is operated by Mono County and located east of the dam. We are the only campground/resort in the canyon with potable water, electricity, flush toilets, showers, hookups, etc. Lundy Canyon Campground visitors are welcome to day use at the lake, trails and general store, but are not permitted to use Lundy Lake Resort guest facilities. Lundy Lake Resort accommodations and perks are reserved for registered LLR guests during their time of stay.

No, there is no free/dispersed camping anywhere in Lundy Canyon. The area is private and forest land, and there is no camping permitted outside of established sites. Paid sites are available at Lundy Lake Resort west of the boat launch or the county's Lundy Canyon Campground east of the dam. Please note there is NO camping at the trailhead, along Lundy Lake Road or in the forest land (with the exception of permitted overnight backpackers). See notice from USFS here. Thank you for respecting the area and posted signage.